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Bot Penguin, Your AI-powered Chatbot-Building Platform

Think Different Designs as partnered with BotPenguin to provide our clients an AI-powered chatbot-building platform that integrates powerful software with live chat options into your business, via interactive chatbots.
Quick Start TemplatesYou can use awesome templates, that help build a bot within a few minutes. Our templates are made for real people, by real people. Use these templates to give your context a real feel as if talking to a person.
Best in Class PlatformAutomation is a dream realized with BotPenguin, with meaningful insights, an Omnichannel chat interface, and an easy-to-use platform, BotPenguin makes your business unstoppable.
Multiple Use CasesBe it lead generation, customer support, or FAQ answering, We have you covered.
30 Day Free Trial!If you are not sure this service can really help you close more deals, then why not at least give it a trial. The trial costs you nothing but a few minutes of you time and you have no obligation to continue after the free 30 day trial expires. You won't be disappoionted!

Offer stellar customer service chatbot and instant resolutions.

BotPenguin helps you handle all mundane queries and offers a world-class customer service chatbot support automation experience. Use your customer support reps for only the most complex issues. Let BotPenguin take care of the rest.

Multiple Platforms

An AI chatbot that can be anywhere, anytime

Keep your customers happy and engaged with an omni channel presence across all platforms with BotPenguin’s chatbot maker.
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With BotPenguin you will get to know your customers better, get better leads and even book appointments straight to your calendar!