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Testimonials: Where Should They Reside on Your Small Business Website?

February 14, 2024

For small businesses, showcasing customer testimonials is akin to displaying a badge of trust and credibility. However, the question often arises: should testimonials have their dedicated page, or is incorporating them into the home or about page sufficient? Let’s unravel the best practices and optimal placement for testimonials on your small business website.

The Power of Testimonials:

Before we dive into placement, let’s emphasize the importance of testimonials. They serve as social proof, reassuring potential customers about the quality of your products or services. Genuine testimonials build trust and influence purchase decisions, making them an invaluable asset to your website.

Dedicated Testimonials Page: Pros and Cons


  1. Centralized Showcase: A separate page solely dedicated to testimonials offers a comprehensive collection, allowing visitors to view multiple experiences in one place.
  2. Focused Content: A dedicated page enables in-depth storytelling, providing detailed customer narratives that might not fit succinctly on other pages.


  1. Navigation Concerns: Visitors might not always navigate to a testimonials page, missing out on valuable social proof if it’s not easily accessible from the homepage.
  2. Potential Overlook: Testimonials might be overlooked if visitors don’t explore beyond the main pages like home or about.

Integrated Testimonials: Home Page or About Page


  1. Immediate Impact: Placing testimonials on the home page or about page ensures they’re among the first elements visitors encounter, immediately instilling trust.
  2. Contextual Relevance: Integrating testimonials within relevant content provides context, emphasizing their significance at specific points of interest.


  1. Limited Space: Integrating testimonials within other content might limit the number of testimonials showcased, potentially overshadowing the breadth of positive experiences.
  2. Scrolling Dependency: If placed towards the bottom, visitors might need to scroll extensively to discover testimonials, potentially missing them altogether.

Best Placement for Testimonials on Small Business Websites:

Considering the pros and cons, the best approach often involves a strategic combination:

  1. Homepage Highlights: Showcase select compelling testimonials prominently on the homepage to captivate visitor attention immediately.
  2. Dedicated Section on Key Pages: Include a section on the homepage or about page with a few testimonials, inviting visitors to explore further.
  3. Link to Full Testimonials Page: Offer a clear link or button leading to a dedicated testimonials page for those seeking more comprehensive feedback.


Testimonials are potent tools that validate your business’s credibility. While a dedicated testimonials page offers a centralized collection, strategically integrating testimonials into key pages ensures immediate impact and relevance. The synergy between prominent homepage highlights, integrated sections on core pages, and a dedicated testimonials page strikes a balance, maximizing the impact of positive customer experiences across your small business website.

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